My goals in Canada

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      Jerry said wirte down your goals,you will find the dreams what you wrote,just a piece of paper!I agree with that!I did it before!When I come to Canada,my dreams become even bigger and harder,they are scared me sometimes  so that i haven't written dowm yet!But they are always in my mind!How to make them become true make me painful!But now,I think I should write them down!I will prove they will be realized someday!

Short term Goals: 

in 2 years:

1.By the end of part 2,I'll be able to recite all key scentences exactly the same way like Canadian person!

2.Pass the G2 test next year!

3.Apply my parent to visit Canada next year!

4.I will stop learning English in 2 years,because at that time,my English is good enough!

in 3 years:

Family life Goals:

5.Enjoy the Canadain life!It should be know the North American culture!

How to spend the local festivals!For example,Halloween,Christmas and so on!

How to do the gardening!

How to make my home more comfortable!

How to make my life more enjoyable and colourful!

6.Have a trip with my family every year!

Career life Goals:

7.Find a suitable position which has job satisfaction here in Canada.The work should be full of challenge, change and can learn lot from it!If it can make me  fly to all of the world would be better!

Friends Goals:

8.Making several bossom buddies here!

Hobby Goals:

9.Play Guzhen well and learn yoga!

10.Learn how to ski!

Long term Goals(in 5 years)

11.Buy a luxurious car as a gift to myself if the short term goals realized!

12.Buy another house as investment! 

My biggest dreams:(in 10 years)

Own my business here!

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